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Welcome to the Page of Meagan Crawley

Meagan Crawley

Meagan Crawley

Welcome to my page! I'm so excited to share my passion and story with you to why I am Dancing for Dignity!!!

I am a Registered Nurse at Chandler Regional Medical Center. I work with patients who have a variety of neurological conditions in the Neurology Telemetry Department. I have a passion for helping and supporting these patients through their most crucial time of need. I, myself, am a cancer patient and have gone through the pain and difficulty of facing difficult surgeries and treatments. I know what's it's like to have my "normal" taken away unexpectedly, and have had to cope with accepting my new "normal". Because of my perspective, I have found a deep compassion for my patients and am dedicated to fundraising money to provide these patients with the resources they need to find their new life. I have personally attended programs provided by this fundraising like Stroke Camp, and know the positive impact they have on the Stroke Survivors and their Caregivers. Their stories and examples of strength and endurance have inspired me both as a nurse and as a patient.

Help us raise awareness of neurowellness among our community and donate to our cause!!!



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